Step 4

Feeling Guide Through A Personal Inventory – Step 4

Checklist for Resentments

  • Create a Master List of every person or institution that has ever wronged you.
  • Create a separate title page for each person/institution you have identified on the Master List and place the name of each person or institution on the top their own title page.
  • Place the stack of title pages in front of you and choose which person or institution to begin with.
  • On the title page, for the person or institution which you have chosen describe, in detail, one of the wrongs that the person/institution has done to you. (You can examine productive and unproductive examples in the box which appeared before Task 5)
  • The guide is designed to use your feeling memories to identify other similar life experiences. Your reflections on the following two questions will remind you of the other people or institutions you have been harmed by:
    • When else have I felt this way?
    • Who else has treated me this way?
  • Look at your Master List and identify the people or institutions that have harmed you in a similar fashion. If your reflections on the two questions in Task 5 brought new people to mind, add them to the Master List and give them their own page.
  • Pull out the pages for each of the people/institutions that came to mind in Task 5 and identify and describe the wrong that each person/institution did to you, just as you did in Tasks 4 & 5.
  • When you complete each of the additional people, place their pages back in the unfinished pile.
  • Pull the first page back out and continue with the next wrong for that person like you did in Tasks 4 & 5. Each time you add a new wrong for this person/institution complete Task 5, 6, & 7.
  • When you are finished moving back and forth between the various people and institutions you are finished with Component 1. Do not sit and dig for more material. All the information that God wants you to have for now is out. Do not ruminate over the past. Call someone and talk if you are stuck. When you are unstuck, continue with Component 2 in Chapter 6.

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