Crisis & Confidentiality

In Case of Emergencies

If you are having an emergency contact your emergency management agency in your local area, your family doctor, or your local hospital emergency room.

A Word on Confidentiality

Online counseling services will never be a source of emergency care and this service should not be used in the case of an emergency! We will make every effort to respond to you E-Mail questions within 48 hours of receipt, however, we have no control over the service our provider supplies us. If your browser has the option, select the feature which alerts you to when the recipient of your E-Mail has opened a message, then you will know that we have received your inquiry.

We will treat any and all electronic communications between our service and our clients as confidential but because the internet is not a 100% secure environment, it is possible that you may not have complete confidentiality. E-Mail can be monitored. We believe that our communications are as secure as traditional telephone conversations. However, if you have reason to think that your E-Mail is being monitored you should contact the authorities.

In addition, it is important to remember that there are different types of limits to confidentiality. Therapists are obligated by law to breach confidentiality and notify the appropriate authorities if you reveal any information about the abuse of a child or would be considered dangerous to yourself or others.

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