Our directors and staff are committed to having this website serve as a free source of information for those in need.  We recognize that getting access to information has never been easier but the downside is that the information can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through.  We wanted to provide a spot on our website where you can look through the information we have collected from the internet that we have found to be useful. This includes various helpful organizations, 12-Step recovery support groups, as well as our own  LCCS  events.

Additionally, we wanted to share with the broader community some of the resources we have developed here at LCCS. These include presentations, workshop material, and a section we call Sober Living Tools.  In this section you will find a growing library of tools one can use to improve upon the quality of their sobriety.

Here is a list of the resources that we have currently available to the public:

Helpful Organizations: This is a general list of professional and support organizations on a variety of concerns for the entire family system that LCCS is often asket about. These are categorized by subject. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR “HELPFUL ORGANIZATIONS” PAGE

12 Step Recovery Support Groups: While LCCS is not a 12-Step facility we understand the importance of 12-Step recovery and encourage its use. This resource page has a comprehensive list of 12-Step groups categorized by subject. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR “12 STEP RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUP” PAGE

LCCS Events: LCCS continues to bring our work to training events and retreats around the nation. Here you will find an up-to-date list of upcoming LCCS trainings and events. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR “LCCS EVENTS” PAGE

Sober Tools: A growing library of tools one can use to improve the quality of their sobriety. This section also includes intervention worksheets to use in conjunction with our Relapse Prevention course titled “An Ounce of Prevention.” CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR “SOBER TOOLS” PAGE

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