12 Step Recovery Support Groups

The “12-Steps” are a set of recovery tools developed by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 as an aid for arresting alcoholism. Clinical research has shown the value that 12-Step recovery can have in supplementing the professional treatment of alcohol abuse and dependency.

Since 1935 many have adapted the use of the 12 Steps to help in the treatment of other addictions and compulsive conditions. As a community service, LCCS offers this comprehensive list of various 12-Step fellowships available to the public. Please choose from the following menu to find the group best suited for you:

Although there is no direct organizational affiliation between any of the other 12-Step Programs and Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 Steps of all 12-Step Programs are adapted from AA by simply changing the word alcohol to appropriately address the concern of the respective fellowships.

12-Step meetings never charge a fee for their services, nor are there any professional counselors who run 12-Step support groups. Meetings are run self sufficiently by the recovering members of each group. Many of these fellowships provide phone conference meetings in addition to their face to face recovery meetings.

LCCS is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed. 

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