Congruency Profile

This is one of several tools we are making available for free on our website that are mentioned in our book An Ounce of Prevention: A Course in Relapse Prevention.  This intervention addresses what it looks like to be congruent with others we engage everyday. To better understand the concept of what it means to be congruent please read an abbreviated version of what we offer in our course book.

Congruency, a core communication goal in recovery, is measured by the degree to which what we think and feel and how we speak and act fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  The ability to get our needs met is largely related to our ability to be one person.  If you discuss the challenges of work with your co-workers in a style different than you present the issues with the members of your support group, you are lacking in congruency and are failing to be one true you. If you have experienced the throws of active addiction than perhaps you can see that failing to be congruent, or one version of self, you risk becoming fragmented within yourself to the point where others in your support system will find it very challenging to connect with you and understand what you are attempting to communicate.  This can quickly promote a feeling of loneliness and a desire to isolate from others.

Click on this link to download a pdf version of this tool: Sober-Tools-–Congruency-Profile

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