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Marriage Counseling

Partners in a troubled romantic relationship will often regretfully report that while he/she loves their partner … they are no longer “in love” with him/her. We will teach you how to be “IN©” and you may return to the state of being “in love” that warmed your heart when the relationship began. The way to experience being “in love” is by making a decision to be “ IN©.”

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Family Counseling

Coping with the challenges of life can drain a family’s emotional and spiritual resources to the point that one’s “family” reserves are depleted. The wealth of emotional support and fond recollections can become a faint memory. We will help you with the challenges of raising your children or raising your spirits. Our services incorporate the models of natural & logical consequences and, when working with a family recovering from an addictive disorder, the 12 Step program principles will be woven into our own philosophy of a Common Wealth©.

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Children Counseling

We believe that a child’s problematic behavior is as much a problem for them as it is for you and that they find it to be as much a mystery as you do. So stop asking WHY and stop punishing in the name of discipline because your child is also a victim of their behavior. We believe all problematic behavior serves a function that is often rooted in the child’s stressful relationship with peers, siblings, teachers, and parents. We will help you and your child identify HOW© (Honesty, Openness, Willingness) the unwanted behaviors have taken hold and help you develop strategies for replacing the needs that are not being met.

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Adolescents Counseling

Adults often discuss adolescent behavior as if they were describing an alien life form. Developmental psychologists are likely to refer to adolescence as a “time of tumultuous upheaval.” The parents who grew up in the 40’s & 50’s use phrases like “rebellious youth” and “generation gap” when discussing adolescents or their behavior. We agree that communication can be difficult, but will not jump to the conclusion that the adolescent is the one with the hearing deficit. Our professional experience suggests that you can gain access to any adolescent if they are being treated with dignity and respect. Their social lives are a maze that you can help them plot a course through if you are willing to be a student of their perception and can avoid forcing your own.

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Sex Addiction Counseling

The devastating cost to the quality of human life has moved sex addiction into public attention through the exposition of public figures, but the problem is not one that exclusively targets the wealthy or the famous. The costs associated with the disorder can found in struggling marriages, financial mismanagement, chaotic families, chronic alcoholism and drug abuse relapse, and criminal consequences, to name but a few. Our Certified Sex Addiction Counselors offer help with sex addiction because we believe that advent of cyber sexual opportunities on the internet has catapulted Sexual and Love Addictions into the role of the fastest growing threat to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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Co-Dependency Counseling

Those who love and care for individuals suffering with an addictive disorder such as Alcoholism or Sex Addiction will unwittingly behave in ways that contribute to their own pain and prolong the suffering of the addicted person. Codependency treatment is available for you. You can become empowered and learn how to live free and obtain fulfillment without waiting for your loved one to change by getting treatment for your co-dependency.

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Alcohol Addiction Counseling

If you or someone you love has a drinking problem we can help. Our staff can help you get the education you need to understand and intervene on the historical and emerging antecedents to that first obsessive drink. Recovery does not have to be a trial and error process. If an alcoholic drinks again, it is a relapse and therefore not a part of recovery. Don’t be mislead by treatment models that suggest that relapse is to be expected. Relapse is a feature of the active disease, not a feature of a solid recovery plan. If a dry alcoholic drinks again it will be exactly the same reason as a social drinker—to change the way he/she feels.

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Drug Addiction Counseling

We believe that Alcoholism and other forms of Substance Dependency represent the single greatest threats to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It matters little whether you are the addicted person or someone who cares about one. The devastating cost to the human quality of life has moved addiction to the position of the nation’s number one health problem. We are prepared to help you and those you love develop a sober and fulfilling life style.

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Food Addiction Counseling

We understand the demoralizing and debilitating impact that eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder have on an individual’s life. If you or someone you love is living a life feeling powerless because of food-related issues we have been there and we can help.

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Online Counseling

Online counseling affords you the opportunity to get highly confidential professional advice for a variety of social and emotional challenges in the privacy of your own home. We will design a care plan that allows you to work at your own pace.

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Email Counseling

Email counseling and other online counseling modalities such an instant messaging and video conferencing are available to support your face-to-face therapy or as a primary source of treatment.

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Intervention Training

Why must they suffer so long? If you have found yourself asking that question about a loved one suffering with an addictive disorder, you might find hope in knowing that there is an answer. They cannot see what they are doing to themselves because they cannot really see or understand what you and other friends and family already know. We can help you develop a professional intervention plan that can help your loved one benefit from what you see.

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