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Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services provides private and confidential support to children and their families who are struggling with personal, family, and school-based challenges that are threatening the young person’s social, emotional, and academic success.

In the 33 years of service to families, we have learned that “blood is thicker than therapy.” The skills we bring to the counseling relationship will not be effective with children unless they have the loving support of their families. The parent/child relationship, when available, must be strengthened because it is primary. We do not believe that the child/therapist relationship should be one of complete autonomy and therefore we practice from a systems perspective that aims to eliminate the need for secrets.

We do not view the child as the problem and do not see him/her as the only client. Our “client” is the family and the school, whenever possible, and not the solitary student. We remain committed to open communication between therapist, child, school, and parents. We avoid becoming trapped in the confidences with children that might diminish their relationship with their parents.

Services are available to help your child with the following challenges:

  • School Avoidance
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Coping With Chronic Illness
  • Building Social Competence
  • Managing Powerful Peer Personalities
  • Overcoming Peer Group Anxiety
  • Understanding Parental Alcoholism
  • Minimizing Family Conflict
  • Working Through Divorce & Separation
  • Avoiding Drug & Alcohol Use – Transitioning High School to College
  • Reducing Misplaced Anger
  • Accepting Imperfection
  • Building Friendships
  • Improving Teacher Relationships

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