Individual Email Responses

This option is designed for existing clients who desire clinical follow-up between face-to-face sessions or for prospective clients who wish to use the Individual Email Response format to interview a perspective therapist. Individual Email Responses are designed to respond to a single issue that is both brief and narrow in focus or to follow-up on therapeutic homework assignments previously developed in face-to-face sessions.

Typical Question for Individual Email Response

Incoming Question:

I have been experiencing a great deal of difficulty responding to my spouse when she is disappointed with me. I get frightened and generally pick a fight to shift the focus. What would you suggest that I do to avoid the fight as it almost immediately ends all communication and leads to a “cold war” that goes on for days?

Out Going Response:

It might be helpful for you to consider the following:

If your wife’s disappointment in you is related to some failure on your part to be responsible, you might spend some time really listening to her disappointment. In doing so, you might understand her points and acknowledge that you will need to look at her input on your own or with a third party to avoid defending yourself and fueling your discomfort, which is likely to give rise to greater anger.

Once you are removed from the scene, you could examine closely whether or not her input has merit. If it does, prepare an amends to her, which includes your understanding of the defects of character, which are generating your irresponsible behavior. Prepare a plan for what you are going to change to ensure that you will honor your commitments. Present the plan to her and ask for her forgiveness. The actions you take to claim responsibility for your behavior will bring you great rewards.

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