The Training Course

Once the “point” person has gathered perspective intervention team members for the initial assessment our interventionists will formulate a training course specifically designed to meet the needs of the team members. While there are no typical training courses, you can expect to be engaged for a minimum of 7 hours and cover at least the following issues:

  • Goals of Intervention Training
  • Film: Back to Reality
  • Progressive Nature of Substance Dependency
  • The Disease Concept of Alcoholism and other Forms of Substance Dependency
  • Abuse Vs. Dependency
  • Stages of Progress in Substance Dependency
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Substance Dependency Preliminary Screening Survey
  • Obstacles to Early Intervention
  • Film: Enabling/Masking Reality
  • Intervention Training Components
  • List of Concerns
  • Commitment of Support
  • My Plan for Personal Recovery
  • List of Consequences
  • Structuring the Intervention Training
  • Film: Intervention: Facing Reality
  • Construction & Team Review of Intervention Letters

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