Marriage Counseling

Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services, PC offers marriage counseling in NJ in a model that challenges the traditional view that seasoned marriages are by nature less full of excitement and less romantic. As marriage counselors in New Jersey we believe that the excitement and romance fades because the couple has lost their commitment to be “IN©.”

Partners in a troubled romantic relationship will often regretfully report that, while he/she loves their partner … they are no longer “in love” with him/her. As marriage counselors in NJ we believe the only difference between the two statements is “IN.” We have learned over the past 35 years that “IN” requires a decision to become emotionally vulnerable with your partner. The couples we have worked with have taught us time and again that healthy relationships are seldom 50/50. The relationship will often require that one partner give more than the other but it should not always be the same partner giving 80%.

If you are looking for a marriage counselor in New Jersey or someone to help you strengthen your romantic relationship contact us. We will teach you how to be “IN” and you may return to the state of being “in love” that warmed your heart when the relationship began.

The way to experience being “in love” is by making a decision to be“IN.”

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