Sex Addiction Treatment Options

The Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services’s commitment to the provision of a comprehensive array of services has come from the breadth of experience that we have accumulated in the treatment of addicted people and their loved ones.

It is our aim to share in the design of your therapy program in a way that puts your needs first. The following modalities are available at each of our offices:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is designed to provide analysis, direction, and support in a therapeutic relationship whose hallmark feature will be mutual respect and responsibility. We believe that a therapy session should be guided by the needs of the client and treatment plans are designed around the needs the client presents. The frequency of sessions and the duration of the therapy relationship are determined by the client. Our staff has an experiential orientation and a working knowledge of the 12 Steps. This combination ensures that sessions will focus on real life problems and solutions with numerous opportunities for clients to practice change outside of the therapy session.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a melting pot of personalities for each of the group’s members to develop skills needed to relate to a diverse population of people. As 12-Step oriented experiential therapists, our staff guides the group process through real life problems. Extensive training in Gestalt Therapy and Psychodrama, and Family Systems Dynamics combined with vast experience in the treatment of Addictive Disorders ensures that our recovering staff will bring a wide breadth and depth of skills to the treatment experience. Groups are generally designed as closed-ended which promotes optimum confidentiality and group cohesiveness since all group members will commit to weekly attendance for a predetermined period of time. Once group begins, no new members will be admitted to the group until graduation.

Family Therapy

Effective family therapy must begin with the bonding of values between therapist and family members. Therapy should never dictate the values to which the family members must subscribe. When the values between therapist and family are incompatible, therapy cannot be successful. The Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services staff practices 12-Step oriented family therapy from a model which combines theories of natural and logical consequences with the spiritual principles of recovery used by 12-Step Groups. In this approach all family members share a responsibility for the upkeep of the family and responsibility for the quality of their respective relationships with other family members. Children are not permitted to disregard their responsibility for family’s well-being simply because they are “kids.” Likewise, parents are not permitted to avoid being held accountable by their children by hiding behind the “because I am the parent and I said so” rule.

Couple’s Therapy

The development and maintenance of a rewarding romantic relationship will involve an intense commitment to the 12-Steps and a willingness to address the challenges that each member has brought to the union. LCCS staff will work to assist the members in resolving immediate conflicts while working to uncover the antecedents to the current difficulty.

Sexual Addiction Assessment

An assessment to determine if an individual is suffering with a Sexual Addiction should involve a comprehensive investigation into the individual’s sexual, emotional, and spiritual development. A comprehensive diagnostic assessment should include the following components:

  • Review of past/present medical history
  • Review of all previous records related to substance use treatment or education
  • Review of all records related to psychiatric or other mental health treatment
  • Review records or history related to involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Extensive interviews with significant others in the client’s life
  • In-depth review of individual’s historical use of mood-altering substances and the impact on all areas of functioning

Intervention Training 

While it is true that the sexually addicted person is the master of manipulation and a brilliant escape artist, a well trained team of caring people can get through the wall of “denial” where individual efforts have failed. The following goals are appropriate expectations for an intervention:

  • Help the addictive person see the truth about the consequences of his/her use of mood-altering sexual behaviors and accept help.
  • Help the individual team members to develop strategies for living that serve to empower them to make changes in their lives that
  • free them from the web created by addictive disorders.

Aftercare Support

Our after-care support services are intended to provide therapeutic services to sexually addicted people and their families who are completing residential treatment and require transition support to stabilize their early recovery efforts. The focus of aftercare support is primarily on bridging the gap to 12-Step Groups and developing a relapse prevention plan. Aftercare can be provided in individual, group, and family settings.
Parent/Child Therapy 

In many families, recovery from addictive disorders is concentrated on the adult relationships that have been injured. It is unfortunate but often times parents believe that their children will get well as the adults recover. While it is true that the child living in addiction will enjoy a greater level of safety when his/her parent is in recovery, it is not true that children recover along with their parents. If your children have been forgotten we can help. These services focus therapeutic support on the following issues:

  • Developing Insight Into the Ways In Which the Children Have Been Impacted By The Disease
  • Methods for Explaining Parental Involvement In A 12-Step Program
  • Methods for Rebuilding Trust
  • Parenting Through the 12-Steps

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