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Leadem Counseling is Now Hiring October 10th, 2013 posted by: to Latest News

Licensed clinicians needed to join a growing seasoned therapy practice in South/Central New Jersey with a specialty in the treatment of addictive disorders.  


LCCS provides out patient counseling services to clients in individual, group and workshop settings. Our clients are primarily made up of those suffering with a process addiction or substance-related addiction and their family member(s). Therefore, the candidate we are interested in pursuing is one who has personal and professional knowledge and experience with the 12 steps of recovery and is a licensed professional. The candidate would also need to be interested in working in a private practice setting where each of the clinicians view themselves as part of a treatment team and are supervised by me and John Leadem, co-founder and co-owner of LCCS.

Our practice continues to grow in volume and scope of services offered. Our primary office is located in Toms River, NJ and we have another office in East Brunswick. If you would like further information about LCCS, please feel free to view the rest of this website.   

If you meet the above-mentioned qualifications and are interested in this position, please email your resume or CV together with a cover letter to Your cover letter should include how you meet the mentioned criteria for this position – and specifically your personal and/or professional relationship with 12 step recovery, the scope of your experience in providing direct treatment for addictive disorders, and how you would integrate 12 Step philosophy into evidenced based therapeutic intervention.

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  1. Kyra Estle, April 20, 2010:

    We are a culture of addiction. Addicted to television, the internet, shopping, the majority of addicts are not hooked on a drug. Maybe we are driven by our addictions like passions.

  2. admin, April 21, 2010:

    Thank you for your comment. Your point is interesting and I would like to offer my reflection. As a culture, we appear to be more disconnected from one another relationally and look to other experiences, objects, or substances to help us to feel more comfortable in our own skin. While it is true that these are common elements present in addiction they are not diagnostically significant and therefore, I could not say with confidence that addiction is any more or less prevalent than in past generations. Perhaps though, (and this may have been the intent of your comment) it could be argued that the more we use behaviors like watching the television, viewing the internet, and shopping to cope with discomfort rather than looking to human connectedness to cope we are making ourselves more susceptible to addictive disorders.

    In reaction to your third sentence I would offer these brief comments. First, if I am truly passionate about something there will be an element of joy. If this passionate pursuit becomes a compulsion it greatly minimizes or extinguishes the joy that I might have originally derived from that pursuit. This occurs because we are engaging in the behavior not simply because we want to engage in the behavior but because we increasingly feel that we need to engage in the pursuit of our particular passion. Addiction and compulsion share an element in common, which is that they are both life diminishing. A healthy passionate pursuit of a loved one, career, or hobby by definition is life giving and/or satisfying. Therefore, I do not believe that it is possible to be driven by our addiction like we are by our passion. However, I would welcome further dialogue. Again thank you for the post.

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