January 2

Couple’s Meditation for January 2
A Rearview

It is sometimes difficult to get a clear perspective when looking at life in the rearview mirror. However difficult, it is important for you as a couple to take regular inventory of how you have been living your lives together. The practice of taking an inventory on our active romantic relationship may seem unfamiliar at first, but when taken seriously the effort can be very rewarding. The model the two of you chose for such an inventory is quite optional. You can use 4th Step Guides, daily inventory formats, or spiritual writings. A decision to look at the relationship when it appears to be doing well may be the preventative action the two of you have been overlooking.

A simple, yet intensely helpful method of taking the relationship’s inventory is to examine a prayer such as the prayer of St. Francis. Read through the prayer together slowly so you can be united in the centering force which common prayer generates. The prayer presents a number of contrasting questions about the level of spiritual service the reader is practicing in his/her life. Use the questions St. Francis asks of his God to inventory how the two of you function with each other as well as the larger community you are involved in. Avoid finger pointing or justifying problems that you might identify. The two of you will be guided by the author’s dialogue to the actions you will both need to take.

God, make us a channel of your peace and remove from us the obstacles that make it difficult to accomplish that transformation.


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