January 4

Couple’s Meditation for January 4
Our Unwritten Future

We make a great many promises that we do not keep. Some of them are not kept because they are made to impress others or to convince them that we are truly sorry and ready to change. Some promises are not kept because they are made during a time when the object of our promise is an immature or unreasonable goal. Then there are promises that are made without the confirmation that God desires that particular goal for us. When our promises are out of sync with God’s will for us, we are likely to encounter a great deal of distress.

When we make promises for how we will behave in the future, we must remain aware that God’s plan for us has yet to be fully revealed to us. We often fall into the misunderstanding that God’s will for us today is going to be his will for us five years from now. When we make resolutions for change, it is wise to construct those resolutions after we have spent time discerning how God would have us serve him in all of our affairs. We cannot keep a promise that is out of line with God’s will for us if we first surrendered our will and our life over to his care.

God, help me to reminder that your plan is dynamic and that I cannot always see what is coming next. I know that you will give me direction and power when I ask.


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