Weekend 1

Weekend Workshop for January 3 & 4
Promises We Can Keep

Nowadays New Year’s Eve is a time to remember the accomplishments of the year that has just past. We look at the passing with fulfillment for we have done our very best. A few “24’s ago” the night was spent doing things we would later regret and wish we could forget. Recovery has helped us to look honestly at what we have contributed to life. Today our memories, both new and old,  are not too painful to recall and share with others. This week’s theme was intended to offer a few new tools for evaluating your past and planning for your future, but remember, embrace the moment.

John & Elaine Leadem

Actions To Be Taken Alone

  • Make a list of New Year’s resolutions from your life before recovery and compare it to the promises that you have made and kept since beginning to work the 12 Steps.

Actions To Be Taken With Your Partner

  • Spend time with your partner dreaming out loud about the hopes that you have for the coming year.

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