Moments of Awakening

We are excited to introduce a greatly expanded version of the original retreat series, entitled Moments of Awakening, as the prequel to the release of our new book: A Decision to Be IN Love that is due to be released later this year.  The model proposed in the new release has been the focus of several of our professional trainings and has been very well received by addiction treatment professionals and general marriage and family therapists.  The retreat series was launched in the Midwest last year with great reviews from a wide spectrum of recovering couples.

Moments of Awakening is a retreat series John and Elaine Leadem began years ago as a proving ground for our philosophy for treating couples as a team. In 2006 John and Elaine began formally introducing couples to this model for enhancing the level of support that each partner could derive from the relationship through a series of all day retreats.  The couples came from every walk of life and a full spectrum of addiction stories but shared two common bonds: (1) they were recovering from the horrors of an addictive illness in some 12 Step fellowship and (2) they were willing to work together as a team to share their recovery.

This model, introduced under the title: A Shared Program of Recovery, sought to challenge the existing recovery wisdom that loved ones could not help each other.  The retreats were very well received and the majority of the couples who began with us in the series have continued to practice the principles introduced that showed them how to become integral members of each other’s support system.  We hear from them that they are actively using their relationship to be of service to other struggling relationships.  It is a dream come true for the two of us. 

To learn more about the retreat series particulars follow the links below:


Retreat Format

Our therapeutic retreat format combines education, specific assignments for couples to complete, times for shared processing and mutual support.

All therapeutic work is completely voluntary and safe but the emotional atmosphere may be uncomfortable at times regardless of how much you chose to share because the themes being addressed will call for introspection and transparency.

Retreat Participants

You can expect that the couples you will be working with will come from all walks of life, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and be in recovery from a variety of addictive disorders.  They will share your desire for a strong emotional and spiritual bond that helps both to practice the principles of recovery in all their affairs as well as the following characteristics:

  • Both partners in the relationship will be engaged in a 12 Step program and be practicing an “abstinence” which supports their recovery needs
  • Both partners need to have a demonstrated pattern of commitment to a monogamous relationship with each other
  • Both partners are committed to being IN
  • Both partners will have a minimum of 30 days of continued abstinence from their addictive disorder

If you have any questions about the traits of the couples that might be attending, please feel free to contact us for a more in-depth review of what we will be expecting from future participants.


The cost of the retreat for the couple is $400. There will be a $25 discount for all registrations paid in full by 2/28/14.  Registration will be received on a first come first serve basis.  All inquiries will be given a tentative slot but cannot be added to the final registration list until the registration fee has been paid in full.

All registrations must be paid within one week of the retreat date – by March 14, 2014.

Over the years we have struggled with last minute cancellations that are both economically frustrating and have created obstacles to couples that wanted to attend but could not make the arrangements to fill last minute openings.  

We require a full deposit from the relationship for $400 to be received at our offices at least 7 days before the retreat date.  We will not deposit the checks until the day after the retreat.  If you need to cancel and we can fill your slot before noon on the Friday before the retreat, your deposit will be refunded to you.  If we have not been able to fill the slot, you will not receive a refund unless you cancelled for a medical emergency.   If you cancelled for a medical emergency, your deposit can be credited toward a future retreat or any of our therapy services.

Each retreat will require a minimum of eight fully registered couples to proceed as planned.  If we do not reach the required minimum by the noon on the Friday before the retreat, your entire deposit will be refunded and the retreat will be canceled.


If you desire a receipt to submit for your insurance reimbursement, let us know by email or phone.  

In order to get a receipt to use for insurance you must be a client of LCCS.

A receipt will be issued for Group Psychotherapy in the amount of $200 per partner, if both are insured.

If both members of the partnership will be requesting an insurance receipt, both members will need to be clients of ours.  If your partner is not an existing client, a history will need to be completed and reviewed with a staff member in order to develop a treatment plan.  The history review and goal setting for the treatment plan is expected to take 2 hours and will be charged at the rate of the therapist conducting the assessment.  Please contact the office for an appointment for the review and treatment planning conference if you are not an existing client and want to submit a receipt for your insurance reimbursement.  If only one member of the partnership is a client then your receipt will be for $200.  Please know that a submission of your receipt to your insurance carrier is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.   If you have questions about your coverage, please contact your insurance company.


Lite breakfast refreshments will be available before the retreat and small snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day.  

For lunch, sandwiches, salads and chips and a drink selection will be provided.  Drinks and light snacks will also be provided for the afternoon.

If you or your partner require Kosher foods, please let us know when you call to register.  If you would prefer to bring your own food, please feel free, however, there will not be refrigeration available.

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