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Radio Show: Top 5 Challenges Threatening Romance within Recovering Couples April 4th, 2012 posted by: to Radio Shows

If you are a couple in a 12 Step recovery program and have faced any one of the top 5 challenges that can threaten the romance of recovering couples we encourage you to listen to John and Elaine Leadem as they speak about how they have been able to use the struggles they faced within their romance to help other couples stay “IN” love.

  • The partners are more likely than most to share a common mistrust of emotional intimacy.
  • Romantic unions in which one or both partners experienced the many betrayals associated with addiction in the past will judge that what they don’t know about their partner will eventually hurt them.
  • Partners that have been victimized by addiction are more likely to struggle with maintaining the commitment needed to work through the difficult times.
  • The maintenance of the faulty belief that each partner keep his or her own side of the street clean is sufficient to maintain romantic health.
  • Partners or partnerships that have been victimized by addiction are more likely to under-respond or over-react to conflicts in a romance.

Radio Program: Strength~Hope~Recovery with Carol the Coach – Apr 03, 2012

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