Just Stopping Isn’t Enough: Effective Treatment of Sex Addicts and Their Partners

Event Details:

Date and Time: Monday May 2, 2016 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Location: Borgata Hotel & Casino, 1 Borgata Way Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Cost: Varies for NASW members and non NASW members (student scholarship registration is available for this event). See registration information below.


Event Description:

Often misunderstood and untreated, the problem of sexual addiction in a client, a client’s family member, or in a coupleship is one that is frequently present but often missed – even in those clients presenting for treatment of other addictions and substance dependency.

This 4 hour presentation is Part II/Day II of a two part training on the subject of screening for and intervening on the problem of sexual addiction in a family system. While the two presentations are related, each part can be attended independently as well. Participants can attend either Part I or Part II without attending the other, or can attend both.  Please click here to learn more about Part I of this presentation.

Participants in this training will have the opportunity to join together with all seven of our LCCS therapists as we team up with NASW New Jersey Chapter’s 2016 conference titled “A World of New Challenges and Opportunities for Social Work” to bring their collective sex addiction treatment experience to the broader professional audience in this two part, eight hour presentation. As noted above, while these two segments are related to each other, they can be attended independently. Participants can attend either part I or part II without attending the other, or they can attend both parts. 

Just Stopping Isn’t Enough: Effective Treatment of Sex Addicts and Their Partners

12 million Americans suffer from sex addiction, and the need is growing for mental health professionals trained to help them. The second of a two-part series on sex addiction, this workshop introduces clinicians to two treatment models – one for relapse prevention, another for working with couples affected by the disorder.

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide healthcare professionals the information necessary to intervene appropriately on the unique relapse patterns of sexual addiction and how to address the betrayal of sex addiction and infidelity in any romantic relationship.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this four hour presentation, you should be able to:

  1. Understand the unique challenge of maintaining sexual sobriety
  2. Identify the seven phases of relapse
  3. Understand the process of – as well as the obstacles to relapse prevention
  4. Understand the unique challenges of preventing relapse and how to formulate a personalized relapse prevention plan
  5. Implement basic strategies for addressing sexual addiction or the impact of sexual addiction in a spouse or family member
  6. Recognize the 4 building blocks for healing in any relationship
  7. Utilize partner specific tools and intervention for romances recovering from sex addiction

For more information about attending this training, please contact conference@naswnj.org or you can also call by phone: 732-296-8070

For registration, conference schedule, and/or to see exact pricing options please ->CLICK HERE<-

For more information about this or any LCCS events – or if you are interested in having us bring this program to your facility or agency directly, please contact Leadem Counseling and Consulting Services directly at 732-797-1444.

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