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LCCS co-founders, John and Elaine Leadem are licensed clinical social workers and have dual national certifications to treat both Multiple Addiction and Sex Addiction by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals.  Their work with addicts and their families began in the early 70’s.  The Leadem’s combined tenure in the addiction treatment field of over 70 years has afforded them the opportunity to design and deliver addiction treatment services for every therapeutic modality imaginable.  They co-founded Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services, P.C. with the intent of combining their practice wisdom with the lessons they learned during the long-standing personal recovery that they had been blessed with to enhance the quality of care available to addicts and their families.

This goal served as the prime motivation for leading their company toward a vision to develop products and services that would address the therapeutic needs that were not being address by the addiction treatment industry.  This year LCCS realizes its 26th anniversary and to celebrate it is working hard to bring multiple products and services to fruition.  The products and services are integral parts of the pillars of LCCS that will help to fill treatment gaps in the areas of relapse prevention, couples recovering from addiction and therapeutic interventions.  The company’s three pillars of service are as follows:

Beacon of Hope©

Work began over 30 years ago in the form of strategies aimed at reducing the incidence of relapse in addicted adolescents who at the time represented the most likely treatment recidivists. In 2009, this work evolved into An Ounce of Prevention: A Course in Relapse Prevention©. The course is designed to help anyone struggling to remain abstinent from substance or process addictions to understand and effectively intervene on his or her own relapse process. This year we will retitle that work as Plotting a Course to Sobriety: A Model for Relapse Prevention© release the clinician’s handbook, Creating Sober Waypoints: A Navigator’s Handbook© and debut a program for becoming a Certified Relapse Prevention Navigator™.

Learn more about the Beacon of Hope pillar

Awakening …©

In 2002 our work with couples, spanning over 29 years, shifted to daylong intensives aimed at promoting a Shared Program of Recovery©. This journey with them gave rise to One In the Spirit: A Meditation Course for Recovering Couples©. We took the lessons we learned since that publication and framed them into a model for building romantic health.  Awakening To Your Soulmate: A Decision to Be IN Love©. In training professionals in this model we have found our passion expand for helping couples “Awaken”. Future works will focus on the struggles that couples encounter when attempting to support each others recovery from addiction or emerge from the betrayal associated with love and sex addictions.

We are currently working to develop the content for this pillar but if you are interested in learning more about Awakening to Your Soulmate: A Decision to Be IN Love© follow this link: The Bookstore

Raising the Bottoms©

In 1976 one of our co-founders began an extensive training process with Vernon Johnson, the father of addiction intervention, which would eventually lead to the development of his own unique model for conducting therapeutic interventions. In this model a successful intervention is one where everyone who needs treatment gets treatment. Years later, LCCS is now ready to share this model with others and is currently working to develop a training manual and a certification course.

We are currently working to develop the content for this pillar so in the mean time we recommend you to follow this link to learn more about our philosophy for conducting interventions: Intervention Services

Learn more about the Raising the Bottoms

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