Relapse Prevention Navigator

As a Certified Relapse Prevention Navigator™ (CRPN™), you will feel confident in your ability to help others discern and intervene on their own personal relapse process.

By completing the certification process you will gain a mastery level understanding of the relapse prevention course material, which will afford you the ability to guide addicts and their loved ones toward the development of a highly individualized relapse prevention plan. Additionally, you will feel confident in your ability to develop and deliver psycho-educational programs and workshops for teaching others the skills needed to help addicts and their families identify and intervene on the symptoms of relapse.


As a Navigator, you will enjoy an enhanced array of recovery resources and the opportunity to bring a beacon of hope to addicts and their families who have come to expect failure and disappointment.  Your advanced knowledge of how to integrate previously untapped family system support into your work with addicts will provide family members with the empowerment to be a part of the solution rather than just a victim of the suffering.  Additional benefits include the option of joining our referral network and gaining access to a library of training videos and other relapse prevention resources not available to the general public.

Certification Process

We have worked hard to make the certification process simple and intuitive.  For your convenience, we have attached the Certification Process pdf document that outlines and explains each step in the process.  A candidate’s movement through the certification process for CRPN™ will be directed exclusively by LCCS and all communication and payment of fees will be with LCCS.  If you have questions about the certification process after reviewing this document, please feel free to contact an LCCS staff member by calling 732-797-1444.

Meet Other Certified Relapse Prevention Navigators

These are individuals who have worked hard to complete the CRPN™ certification process.  In short, this means that each individual has attended our Relapse Prevention Navigator Training, completed everyone of the 28 course assignments for themselves and has demonstrated their competency of the course material by presenting it to a cohort of their peers and designated CRPN™ Trainers.  If you are looking for someone who can assist you in working through An Ounce of Prevention: A Course in Relapse Prevention, our course book designed to help individuals learn how to intervene on their relapse process, or are someone looking to network with others who went through the certification process please follow this link: Meet the CRPN’s.

Relapse Prevention Navigator Training

The Relapse Prevention Navigator Training™, is designed for those who have known the emotional challenges involved in caring for or supporting an addict whose recovery is unstable or is being diminished by a threatening history of relapse.  The training is built around a simple but critical premise; the decision one makes to return to an addictive substance or behavioral pattern comes at the end of a process fraught with unsuccessful attempts to cope with cognitive, emotional, physical and/or spiritual discomfort.  Since an addict returns to the “drug of choice” to change a feeling state, a successful relapse prevention plan will need to intervene on sources of discomfort and build strategies for healthy adaptive coping.

This training begins with helping individuals gain a mastery level understanding of the relapse prevention course material so that participants can help others discern and intervene on their own personal relapse process.

The training continues with a series experiential activities that will provide participants with the opportunity to present and experience psycho-educational lessons taken from the course sections to enhance their understanding of how to teach the course effectively to a diverse population with varying degrees of self-awareness and motivation.

To learn more about this introductory training continue to: CRPN Training


Mentoring is intended to provide continuing education to aid graduates of the CRPN Training™ to feel more confident in their ability to teach our model to those they serve and feel competent in being able to enhance the depth and personalization of the relapse prevention plans they help to develop.

To learn more about our mentorship component continue to: Mentorship


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