Certified Relapse Prevention Navigators

Certified Relapse Prevention Navigators™ (CRPNs™) are individuals who have been trained in our unique relapse prevention model and are adept at guiding others through our course book, An Ounce of Prevention: A Course for Relapse Prevention.  Each CRPN has attended our Relapse Prevention Navigator Training™, completed every one of the 28 course assignments for themselves and has demonstrated their competency with the course material.

Each CRPN™ has demonstrated a passion for supporting addicts that comes from knowing the costs of failing to maintain abstinence and a desire to promote faith in the recovery process. While some CRPNs™ have clinical or pastoral training the only requirement to become a CRPN™ is a desire to provide guidance alongside the addict in the trenches.

If you are looking to network with CRPNs™ or are someone in need of one who is trained in guiding others through An Ounce of Prevention: A Course for Relapse Prevention© then we invite you to search for them by state using the various links below:

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