There are two certification levels offered, CRPN – I and CRPN – II. At each level, a candidate must complete 15 hours of post-training mentorship with a CRPN™ Trainer in order to receive certification at that level. Candidates for CRPN – II™ can complete the Relapse Prevention Navigator – Advanced Training™ before completing the first 15 hours of mentorship. However, candidates will not be awarded certification at either level until all required mentorship hours have been completed for each certification level. Candidates for CRPN – I™ and CRPN – II™ have up to 1 year from the date he or she attends either of the trainings to complete the required post-training mentorship hours to be awarded certification. Upon completing those hours, you will need to submit the Mentorship Agreement Form to LCCS.


Mentorship is offered in two primary modalities: direct mentorship (individual mentorship, small and large group mentorship) and the webinar. Candidates need to adhere to the recommendations a CRPN™ Trainer makes regarding which modalities the candidate may use to complete the requisite hours. See below to learn more about the Direct Mentorship and Webinar services we offer.


Direct Mentorship – Fees & Format

  1. All video or phone mentorship hours required for either the CRPN – I or CRPN – II will be provided by CRPN™ Trainers approved by Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services, P.C. at the following current rates:
    • Individual mentorship – $150 per hour
    • Small group mentorship (2-3 candidates) -$100 per hour
    • Large group mentorship (4 + candidates) – $50 per hour
  2. Mentoring is intended to provide continuing education to aid graduates of either the RPN – Introductory Training™ or the RPN – Advanced Training™ through the challenges of teaching our model to others and enhancing the depth and personalization of relapse prevention plans. Additionally:
    • CRPN – I™ Candidates will be required to present case samples for mentor and peer review.
    • CRPN – II™ Candidates will be required to present lecture material in a mock workshop environment during at least one group mentorship session which will include peer and mentor review.
  3. You can pay for this service by either sending a check to our corporate office located in Toms River, NJ or by going to our Fees/Payments page where you will simply select Mentorship Fees from the first drop down button. Then select, from the second drop down button, which level of mentorship you would like to pay for and the correct fee will populate below.

Webinars – Fees & Format

  1. All webinars will be provided by CRPN™ Trainers approved by Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services, P.C. Currently, we are charging $50 for each participant and will require that there are at least 10 participants for us to conduct any scheduled webinar.
  2. Candidates will have the opportunity to attend live webinars to satisfy some of the mentorship hours. The number of indirect mentorship hours a candidate can apply to the certification requirement will be at the discretion of the CRPN Trainer.
  3. All Webinars will be hosted using GoToMeeting software. All candidates wanting to attend a webinar will need to download the appropriate software. To find out how please follow these: Instructions
  4. To attend a webinar, you will need to register for it at least 14 days before the webinar is to be conducted. To register for an upcoming webinar event email us at or call us at 732-797-1444. To find out if there are any upcoming webinars available please continue to Relapse Prevention Training Events page where you will then look for Webinar in the title of the event.
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