Relapse Prevention Trainings

If you have worked closely with those threatened with addiction relapse then you have known the unnecessary pain of relapse.  We believe that relapse is a process and not an event and as such can be identified, intervened on and prevented!  It is this belief that is at the core of our model for relapse prevention.

If you share our belief we invite you to attend our Relapse Prevention Navigator Training™ training, which is designed to help others identify the behavioral changes struggling addicts need to interrupt a relapse process whenever they are thrown off course. Read below to learn more about what you can expect to learn in this comprehensive four day training.



Relapse Prevention Navigator Training™

This training is the first step in a certification process in which registrants will develop a deep appreciation for relapse as a process, rather than an event to be analyzed after the “crash”!

Registrants will complete the training with a working knowledge of the concept lessons and the important therapeutic assignments needed to help end users to maximize the benefits of their final Individual Relapse Prevention Plan.  Registrants will also learn how teach the course to a diverse population with varying degrees of self-awareness and motivation in a variety of therapeutic settings ranging from one on one instruction to group workshops.

Following this initial training, those interested in pursuing certification will have the opportunity to engage in a rich mentoring program designed to enhance the skills needed to guide end users through the development of a highly individualized relapse prevention plan.

Training participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the six phases that precede a return to one’s “drug of choice”.
  • Recognize recent and/or pertinent contributions that trauma research and attachment theory has made to our understanding of addiction and why an addict seeking recovery may make the decision to return to active addiction.
  • Use task-oriented assignments designed to help the end user recognize what he or she looks like in each phase of the relapse process.
  • Design individualized and specific interventions to address the unique challenges addicts and their loved ones reportedly face most often.
  • Assist addicts in their ability to compile and share their completed relapse prevention plan with their loved ones, their broader support network, addiction treatment or mental health care professionals and others who might be interested in their welfare.
  • Adapt the course material to accommodate the unique challenges associated with varying levels of self-awareness and motivation that the end user brings to the planning process.
  • Develop an initial framework for how to present the course material in a lecture format and workshop setting.
  • Understand how to use the course material to support and stabilize an end user who has relapsed during the course work assignments or following the construction of the relapse prevention plan.

To find out when the next introductory training is being held please call our office at 732-797-1444

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