The Lighthouse

LCCS is committed to the development of products and services that will help its Certified Relapse Prevention Navigators™ continue to provide the greatest level of care possible within each person’s scope of practice.  We know that continuing education can be expensive so we are always looking for cost-effective ways of helping you to remain fresh and support your efforts to expand your market share through the expansion of the services that you offer the community. We are developing The Lighthouse as a membership service that will allow us to offer greater discounts to the greatest number of people.  As a member you will be asked to share in the development of resources through a nominal annual fee that will enable you to use the resources at a fraction of the cost you might have to pay if a product or service was designed exclusively for you.  


The membership will cost $100 per year and with this fee you will get access to the following valuable benefits:

  1. Every member will be placed on LCCS’s website as specialists in guiding end users through the development of a personalized relapse prevention plan using, An Ounce of Prevention: A Course in Relapse Prevention© (or Plotting a Course to Sobriety: A Model for Relapse Prevention© as the work will be renamed). 
  2. Every member will get free access to our proprietary training videos housed on LCCS’s website.
  3. Every member will receive a discount on required mentorship hours. As a member, you will receive 50% off the cost of up to two large group mentorship (4 + attendees/candidates) sessions, up to two webinars, or one of each for each year they are active members.  These discounts can not be rolled over into future membership years.
  4. Every member will receive a 10% discount off of one of LCCS’s Beacon of Hope™ trainings of their choice each year provided they are an active member. This discount can not be rolled over into future membership years.  To see a complete listing of Beacon of Hope™ Trainings please go to: Relapse Prevention Trainings
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