RTB Intervention Trainings

The first step in becoming a Certified Raising the Bottoms Interventionist TM (CRTBI) is to complete a comprehensive two-day training program designed to provide a theoretical framework of the three-phase intervention model and hands-on opportunities to develop skills for practical application of the assessment and intervention tasks associated with the model  The training will be divided into four blocks of time during the two days with the intent of creating a highly personalized training experience that provides the candidate with a clear framework for raising the bottoms of the intervention team members, the addict and the treatment process as well as strategies for expanding the depth and market share of the services being offered.  The trainings will be offered in a number of regions around the country or can be designed to be brought to your site to train in-house staff or use as a marketing promotion/resource to your referents in a specific area.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of the therapeutic components essential for a successful intervention.  Participants in the CE course will:

  1. understand risk/benefit analysis of conducting an intervention
  2. develop a working knowledge of the core intervention components of the Raising the Bottoms – three phase intervention process
  3. understand the usual obstacles to a successful intervention and methods for mitigating their negative impact
  4. learn to work with the “point person” to establish preliminary assessment of the level of crisis the protagonist is in and pre-intervention interventions that should be considered
  5. learn how to conduct an initial needs assessment with prospective intervention team members to verify that a presumptive justification for an intervention is warranted
  6. understand the need for an individualized intervention team training plan in which the psycho-educational components match the needs as identified by the team assessment process as well as the therapeutic idiosyncratic needs of the protagonist
  7. demonstrate the knowledge of therapeutic tasks associated with helping the IT members to develop their “First Aid Kit”
  8. demonstrate the knowledge of therapeutic tasks associated with facilitating the actual intervention process with the addicted person
  9. learn how to prepare the IT, AP, and the receiving treatment provider for the transition into treatment
  10. understand the professional benefits of developing a skill set associated with the provision of therapeutic addiction interventions


Upcoming Training Events

We are holding a pre-conference RTB training this October 3-4 in Salt Lake City ahead of SASH’s 2017 annual conference.  If you register now you will be entered for a chance to win a free registration.

Click on this link to register now: Register Here

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming RTB training follow this link: Upcoming Training Events


RTB Certification Process

If you have already completed the two-day training and want to continue the process of becoming certified as an CRTBI we invite you to proceed to our certification page where you can learn more: RTB Interventionist

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