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The Weekend Workshop is intended to be used by couples, however, you may work independently if your personal situation warrants doing so. If you are working alone, please share your concerns and insights with members of your support group. The guidelines for the Weekend Workshop will offer activities to further explore the daily meditation themes. Exercises are offered with a focus on personal growth and relationship building. The amount of your sharing with your partner should be based on the relationship’s emotional health and your personal spiritual fitness.

The Weekend Workshop can be printed out for your continued reference.

Sample Weekend Workshop

Weekend of January 3 & 4


Weekend Workshop Review
If you would like us to review your responses to the Weekend Workshop and provide you with an in-depth professional response to the material you have prepared, you can email it to us at corporate@leademcounseling.comĀ at a cost of $25.00.

Order Meditations for the Year
If you have found these meditations helpful in growing a stronger relationship, you may order an entire year of Daily Couple’s Meditations from our Self Help Store. A year of Weekend Workshops is currently in publication. To be notified when they become available, E-mail Us or check our store for more information coming soon.

Place your order by calling 732-797-1444.


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