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Starting the Day June 16th, 2011 posted by: to Latest News

One in the Spirit: A Week’s Summary #1


Starting the Day

How will you start your day? Are you thankful for the relationships in your life? Starting the day with gratitude for your partner or the awareness you have for a romantic bond in your life is a way of  starting the day with a glass half full. Be mindful of the tendency for our most treasured relationships to be taken hostage by unrealistic expectations, that our partner could be the sole answer to all of our needs. Self-examination and spiritual guidance helps us to focus our energies so that they promote personal well-being and healthy romantic bonds.

Similarly, our expectations of the world around us and our ability to get the “job” of living done can become overwhelming when we do not stay focused on a greater purpose in life.  Recovery wisdom encourages us to focus our energy on being of maximum service to the God of our understanding and our fellows in recovery.  Taking your partner’s hand in prayer will help you to focus your attention on “being” rather than “doing.”  The choice to grow and change in life by demonstrating the courage and acceptance that defines us as partners could lead us to an understanding of a greater purpose than completing life’s tasks.

Making a commitment with your partner to devote time to reflection together actively shifts your priorities toward the relationship. The tasks and To Do lists will always be there, but taking the moments to reinforce your relationship with your partner and your Higher Power will strengthen your resolve to achieve your shared goals. When you and your partner are devoted to spiritual time together, you will find yourselves more resilient to life’s potholes.

You have made a commitment to share a bond with your partner at the start of your day. By keeping your loved one close to your heart, you will be able to rely on that love during the day, and the confidence it brings will give you great support and a secure grounding. When you start the day by renewing your spiritual bond with your partner and then reflecting on that shared meditative moment during the day, you nourish and energize your relationship.

The love that you cultivate in your partnership can bear emotional fruit that others find appealing and want to emulate. Couple communities strengthen our own relationships. Allow yourself to be of service to other couples. Share the love and empathy that you have with your partner with other people in your life. By giving of yourselves, you increase the amount of positivity you have in your lives.

How will you start your day?

This brief introduction to the benefit of a “Shared Program of Recovery” will unfold in greater measure with your exploration into One in the Spirit: Meditation Course for Recovering Couples, Leadem & Leadem, LCCS, 2011.

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