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As certified NJ sex addiction counselors at Leadem Counseling & Consulting Services (LCCS), we offer help with sex addiction because we believe that the advent of cyber sexual opportunities on the internet has catapulted Sexual and Love Addictions into the role of the fastest growing threat to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It matters little whether you are the addicted person or someone who cares about one. Accepting the need for Sexual Addiction Counseling may be the greatest contribution you make to your personal recovery and may increase the likelihood of having your romance survive the betrayal it has endured.

The devastating cost to the quality of human life has moved this addiction into public attention through the exposition of public figures, but the problem is not one that exclusively targets the wealthy or the famous. The costs associated with the disorder can found in struggling marriages, financial mismanagement, chaotic families, chronic alcoholism and drug abuse relapse, and criminal consequences, to name but a few.

Help with sex addiction is available and hope is within reach if the addict or his/her family is willing to expose the secrets.

The disorder, although not identified as such in the diagnostic manuals, is recognized by knowledgeable addictions treatment professionals as one of the primary obstacles to the maintenance of sustained sobriety in the recovery from Alcoholism and other forms of substance dependency. Old timers in the 12 -Step movement will remember the ominous warning of the more seasoned members of their group: “Beneath every skirt is a slip.” The adage will be dismissed as a sexist comment by those fail to see its intent. Its authors were talking to men, of course, because there were very few women in the recovery rooms 30 years ago, but the wisdom should not be ignored because it speaks to one gender or because it may sound corny. Many relapses will begin with the problems associated with the instability an individual is experiencing in their sexual life. Unfortunately, the issues surrounding sexual instability are rarely discussed with sponsors, let alone brought up as topics for discussion at 12 Step meetings.

Our NJ sex addiction counselors will show you out of the maze for we have learned the way ourselves. To speak to one of our therapists or to make an appointment, please click the “contact us” link on the top right hand corner of this page.

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