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    Marriage Counseling
    Partners in a troubled romantic relationship will often regretfully report that while he/she loves their partner … they are no longer “in love” with him/her. We will teach you how to be “IN©” and you may return to the state of being “in love” that warmed your heart when the relationship began. The way [...]

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  • Although I haven’t been able to see John for some time due to distance of travel, I learned so many useful relationship tools from him during my year in therapy. I have nothing but admiration for him and Elaine. May God bless them with good health and much happiness.

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    Into the Belly of the Whale
    The couples that we have had the opportunity to work with over the past 40 years have taught us a great deal about the process of reducing the level of reactivity we experience in our significant relationships. When our reactions to a loved one’s behavior appears irrational to them  [...]

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  • Your Relationship Affects Your Children
    Partners is a romance can and do affect the quality of their children’s lives. Whether your relationship is strong and in good health or floundering and in dysfunction, it is sure to have an impact.

    Your loving care of each other can envelop and soothe your children. Alternatively, your arguing and discord [...]

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  • Thank you for expressing interest in our upcoming retreat.  By clicking on the link from our email we have received your request to learn how to register for the upcoming retreat entitled INto the Belly of the Whale.  You should be receiving an email from us shortly that will show you how to register for [...]

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