January 3

Couple’s Meditation for January 3
The Courage It Took

The courage it took most of us to commit to an intimate relationship based on honesty, openness, and spiritual service has required more faith than most of us ever thought ourselves capable of. Those of us who had prided ourselves in needing support from no one became willing to trust in our partner. Some of us who suspected that “true love” was a fairy tale made up for the young and inexperienced began to believe in the power of love and understood that there was no love other than “true love.” Still others of us learned to run toward rather than away from people. We needed courage and it was there in abundance.

The courage we sought to risk it all for love came from the same God that risked it all for us. We were told that romantic love was for newlyweds. That, we discovered, was a lie which someone had told to themselves to divert his/her attention from the work that needed to be undertaken. We were told that we only get to love once and if that was lost so was our chance at romantic happiness. That also was a hoax created by those who were afraid to move through the loss and risk openness. The courage it took to overcome the fears associated with these and other lies came from a God who is all about love.

God, reveal to me your power so that I may claim it.


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